Record Destruction Authorization

Record Destruction Authorization Procedure

Official record copies must be eligible for destruction prior to destroying. Records are eligible if they:

When meeting the above specifications, you may request authorization to destroy the records by completing Form RC-108, printing and signing (in ink, any color other than black), and submitting to Betsy Pittman, Unit 1205. An electronic copy of the final form will be returned to Records Custodians and should be retained by the requesting office for the full retention period. Unless there are any listed restrictions or destruction/litigation holds, promptly destroy the records after receipt of approved RC-108. Be sure to utilize a shredding service if the records are confidential or protected.

The retention for completed RC-108 is 25 years. If your office has original RC-108 forms, please contact to transfer these forms for retention in Archives.


For additional help, view the “Disposing of Inactive Records” and “What is the Copy of Record?” tutorials at

Reminder: Only the record copy must meet the minimum retention requirement and be approved for destruction. Duplicate copies and other non-records can be destroyed when no longer administratively useful unless such copies are subject to circumstances that may prohibit destruction