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Strategies & Tips

  • Keep an inventory of the types of records you use to execute your business functions.
  • Destroy duplicate records that no longer serve an administrative need.
  • To the extent possible, organize your files/records (electronic too!) by record series and date.
  • Avoid piling records into storage boxes and stashing away. You’ll forget what you put in there and the destruction authorization process will be increasingly difficult. Furthermore, you may retire or leave and your replacement will be put in an unfortunate circumstance of cleaning up what you left behind. Try taking a more efficient approach and properly destroy your records before you leave or transfer to the appropriate staff member.
  • Label correctly. It’s tempting to save a file as the first thing that comes to mind, but be strategic. Pick a name that captures what the document is, whether or not it is the final version, and include the date.
  • Execute the record destruction process on a routine basis (quarterly, semi-annually etc.)
  • If you rarely reference certain records with permanent historical value, talk with the University Archivist to determine if it would be appropriate to transfer such records to The Archives. If accepted, you may still visit Archives if you ever need to reference.
  • If your office realizes that the state’s minimum retention requirement is too short for your business needs, create definitive longer standards that do reflect your business needs. The state’s requirements are just a minimum, however it is not good practice to keep most records indefinitely. Establishing administrative retention criteria will help you to strike a balance between saving what you need to while avoiding an unnecessary build-up of records.
  • Make sure records are secured properly. Anything with Personally Identifiable Information on it should be behind lock and key with access given only to those who need it.
  • Use box labels to help stay organized during a record clean-up effort.
    • Box Label-Keep
    • Shred Box Label
    • Shred with Permission Box Label
    • May have Historical Value Box Label
    • Dumpster Box Label