What Records May I Transfer to Archives?

The University Archives of Archives & Special Collections acquires, preserves, and provides access to records with permanent value. Whether records capture the history of a program, document the minutes of a meeting, or reflect major decisions or events, there are many reasons to preserve the history of our institution. Visit the Archives & Special Collections, located in the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center,  online  for more information or contact Betsy Pittman, University Archivist, by email.

Archives & Special Collections is dedicated to preserving the most pivotal University records in the University Archive Collection. Please respect their selective acquisition of records as they also must systematically manage their storage space and resources in order to fulfill their mission. However, don’t shy away from inquiring… you may have a record “treasure!”


Please be sure when you are transferring records to University Archives, to complete an RC-108 form and submit to Betsy Pittman, Unit 1205. For the type of request, please check transfer on Form RC-108 when completing.

RC-108 Transfer to Archives Form