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Who Cares and Why?

As Connecticut state employees, we all have a stake in demonstrating good records management practices. Organizing records in a sensible way will help to:

  • Retrieve records documenting past business transactions/decisions efficiently and accurately
  • Optimize storage space
  • Protect confidential records
  • Comply with Connecticut record laws and policies
  • Save time and energy in the long run


Doing your part will also positively impact several offices. Take a look at who you’ll be helping! ➜

To learn more about how to improve your filing system and stay in touch with best practices, visit the tips page.

Compliance Office

  • Expedite Freedom of Information requests
  • Reduce privacy risks

Information Technology

  • Maximize on electronic storage space
  • Minimize data security risks
Facilities (Central Warehouse)

  • Ensure storage and shredding resources are properly utilized

Archives & Special Collections

  • Preserve UConn history

Legal Counsel

  • Prevent the destruction of records subject to litigation holds